Natural Eyeshadow Looks – Simple but Sassy

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Hey Beauty Bosses! I want to share something with you; Something that everyone can use any day of the week, and for any occasion.

This is for my beginners and pros, young and seasoned to perfection! I am going to guide you through the wonderful world of natural eyeshadow looks.

If you are like me, I don’t always want to look like I’m ready for a photo shoot. But does that mean I have to go without any makeup at all? That is certainly a perfectly acceptable option. I have days like that. No makeup and no cares.

But what about when you don’t want to go full throttle on the eyeshadow shuttle. What if I just want to…..spruce things up. There is a middle ground ladies. So meet me halfway and let’s talk about how to pull of some natural eyeshadow looks.

Back to Basics

Ok so I realize that there are more than one or two reasons why you want to just do a natural look. Time is sometimes an issue, and we may be tempted to cut some basic corners and slap some paint on our eyes and rush out of the door. Resist the urge with all your might! You can do it!

Ok….now that we have gotten that conversation out of the way, let’s talk about what we will need for this sassy, but simple and time efficient technique.

  • Eyeliner (black, dark brown, light brown, depending on your skin tone)
  • Handy Dandy makeup removing wipes
  • Mascara – yep, that’s right
  • Eyeshadows of your choosing

Natural and Neutral

Usually when we hear the words natural or neutral, we think about boring, plain colors. But remember that we are enhancing a beauty that we already possess. We are NOT blank canvases. WE are the artwork, and our makeup highlights different aspects of what is already a masterpiece. You make the makeup, the makeup does not make you. So any color you choose will work if done right.

Browns, black, tan, gray, ivory, taupe, beige, and whites fall under the category of neutral colors. For a more natural eyeshadow look I like to choose a light, color 

eyeshadow tips

such as beige, or a tan, and pair it with a darker tone like black or dark brown. It is up to you just how low key and natural you want this look to be. A light shimmery (shimmer, not glitter) color will also work for this. Sometimes it’s hard to give up the shimmer lol.

Eyeshadow Bar Single Eyeshadow

I mentioned two different colors. However, you can use only one color if your want. You can apply just a light or dark gray color, dark brown, or taupe. Or if you want to tone it down even more, you can use a lighter tone of the neutral colors as your single color. If you are going to use both a darker and lighter color combo, you will apply the lighter color on your entire lid all the way up to the brow line.

Just don’t try this with white, for obvious reasons. I just feel like I needed to put that out there just in case lol.

eyeshadow tips

After that, you can apply the darker color either on the entire eyelid to the crease of your eye, or just midway from your lash line halfway up your upper lid. You will be using your trusty flat rounded brush. Now it’s time to blend. Your goal in blending is to make your darker shade to gradually fade into your lighter color so that there is not a harsh line between the two.

If you choose to use just a light color, only apply it to your eyelid from your lash line to the crease of your eyelid. No need to bring this color up any further than that.

eyeshadow tips

Use caution if you choose to use only one dark color. If your want to go this route, only apply this color to your eyelid from your lash line to just below the crease of your eyelid. Why? You still need to blend this color into your skin. You need to leave room for the color to fade out when you blend and soften the edges, without it creeping up past the crease.

All done? Not quite. Almost.

Less But Not Lazy

With this simple look still comes some do’s and don’ts we need to cover briefly. Primer

. You know where I am going with this right? Don’t skip this part! We still need to apply a good primer before we apply our eyeshadow. But, you may not need to use as much of it. If you are going for the simple, one color look, you only need to apply your primer from your lash line to just past the crease of your eye, i.e. only where the eyeshadow will touch your skin.

Do apply eyeliner….pretty please.

Now for a low profile, natural look you can use a dark brown, or light brown depending on the color eyeshadow you choose. You only need the eyeliner to be slightly darker than your darkest color. Feel free to go darker than that if you want your eyes to pop!

Be sure to blend the liner in a little so that it doesn’t look like you used a sharpie to line your eyes. Unless you know what you are doing. No seriously, it’s a thing. And it’s gorgeous if you know what you are doing. That is another lesson though. Eyeliner on the lower lid is optional.

eyeshadow tips

Classy and Cute

Once you master this look you will be so proud of yourself. I love love to get all glammed up show off my eyeshadow skills. But that can be a lot to pull off every single day, especially if I’m just going grocery shopping.

But when I want to look like I did put at least a little effort into my getting ready for the day routine, these are some of my go to looks.

eyeshadow tips

It also comes in handy when you are running late, on a budget, or simply don’t have the patience to go any further than that. It is a good practice technique for beginners to sharpen their skills.

As I always say, have fun with it! And I always welcome tips and tricks from you so please share them with me below! I never stop learning, and I’ll try most things at least once. I look forward to hearing from you.


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